!! HÚSIÐ stoped in December 2020, it is no longer operating  !!


HÚSIÐ was founded in 2017, in the small village of Patreksfjörður, in the Westfjords region of Iceland.

From the very beginning, its aim has been to encourage collaboration between the local residents and artists in order to bring cultural and social impact

HÚSIÐ is today a residency program but used to also operate as an art gallery, café, and co-working space.

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What we aim for

The project’s main focus is to create an emulation between professional artists and the local community that surrounds them.

By doing so we aim to not only empower culture and art but also inspire the new generations to be more curious, innovative and open minded with creative cultural atmosphere.

Through the residencies, workshops and exhibitions that we organize with our residents, the local community benefits from the knowledge and creative thinking of professional artists. 

Residency programs have proven that they are an open door to the world and possibilities, through creative thinking and the culture exchanges, that impact the community and artists in the long term. 

The residencies are equally beneficial for the artists residents, through the collaborative work between residents and the area are born innovative projects, using resources that were not accessible to each resident individuals but result.

Accommodation and studio space

The residencies are taking place in Merkisteinn, a 121 years old house by the sea, in the village of Patreksfjordur.

The house is a key element in creating a strong bond in the artists and community. The house is anchored in the towns history, being one of the oldest house in town, every local have a bit of their personal history rooted to the house.

The artists are expected to share both the workshop and living quarters. 

The main workshop is a 25 m2 bright space, facing the ocean and the fjord, it can be used for painting, digital work, composing, writing etc.. 

The secondary workshop is about 20 m2 (limited headroom) and can be used for sculpture making (excluding iron work) , etc..

The living quarters include an open space kitchen / living room, a bathroom, and 3 double bedrooms. 

The garden is about 1300m2 with the mountain on on side and the fjord on the other, it can be used in the summer time as outdoor workspace or outdoor exhibition when the weather allows. 

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