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A words about the building, "Gamla Verbúðin"

HÚSIÐ is located in the heart of the village, the harbor area. The building itself was built in 1959. Many in the village know this building very well as "Gamla Verbúðin" used to be a key building in the fishing industry. Around 24 people worked on the ground floor, preparing the fishing lines with bates ready to be transported to the boats before heading at sea. Many of these men come today to HÚSIÐ will many stories to tell, reminiscing both the playful atmosphere and the hard work accomplished.

The village.

Patreksfjörður (the fjord of Patrick) is a small fishing village of 700 inhabitants, located in the Westfjords region of Iceland. 

Located between the mountain and the sea,  Patreksfjörður never cease to amaze by the ever changing light and breathtaking scenery all around.

The town's swimming pool is an outdoor pool with a dramatic panorama view to the fjord, you can go there for a swim or for a social interractions with locals in the hot tub (the plazza of the village).

Service available in town : Restaurant, grocery store, post office, bank, hospital, police station, car repair, tourist information

The nature around

Some of Icelandic most known nature beauty are a quick drive away from the town. 

Only to name a few : Rauðasandur, the red sand beach, the cliffs of Látrabjarg and it's vibrant bird life, or the waterfall of Dynjandi, Arnarfjörður and it's beautiful yellow beaches and dramatic mountains.