kraftur jurta

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Iris is born 1976 in a small village called Vopnafjörður in north east of Iceland. Kraftur Jurta or The Power of Plants is her graduation project which she now continues with. In her graduation project Iris illustrated and remade, in a modern way a book that was written 1880 and is about the gathering process and healing power of plants that you can find in the nature of Iceland. The name of the old book is “Lítil Ritgjörð um nytsemi nokkurra íslenzkra jurta eptir ýmsa höfunda”. Written by Jón Jónsson which was a gardener. Iris always wanted to do something more with all the illustrations she made for the book so now some of them have been turned into prints where the plants reflect into beautiful forms which all have a little quote from the book, all text is exactly as it was in the old book in a lovely old Icelandic. Surprisingly, what happened in that reflect process was that they all have a strong resemblance with the filigree in the Icelandic national uniform so that was a nice bonus. Iris decided to have the prints in limited edition because everything has its beginning and ending and when this chapter of Kraftur Jurta has finished a new one will begin. The posters are printed on high quality 260g paper five pieces made of each plant. Signed and numbered by the artist. Dagrun Iris usually makes collages or mixed media artworks and has held solo and been a part of group exhibitions both in Iceland and abroad. Now located in Reykjavik.