colors of the westfjords

laura durban

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Opening 10th of August at 19:00
Exhibition 10th of August to 6th of September

Laura Durban is a german visual artist living in Reykjavik.

As a trained painter, the artist sees her work in video and photography as more than the simple capture of a moment on film : she uses various processes to infuse a sense of impression into her work, and through this she crosses the borders of clear reality into a parallel world of dreams, colors and shapes.
This exhibition of her analog work, captured during her stay in the Westfjord Artist Residency in Þingeyri and around, is a work of perception rather than creation. With the aid of an 1946 analog camera, she manages to capture the simple magic of existence and the eeriness of memory through her very own colorful lens. She has gathered nature, people and their creations into her universe for you to consider, together or apart.
Working through—and beyond—the limitations of her equipment, she uses double exposure, motion blur and color at her advantage to turn her world into that of a modern fairy tale. The slow and deliberate capture process required by her antique camera and the limited number of exposures also allows her to consider the capture in a much different way than she would using a digital camera.