MaLgorzata Borkowska
14. sept
26. sept

mánudag til föstudags - 14:00 til 18.00

laugardag - 11:00 til 14:00

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Małgorzata Borkowska (born on 28.02.1992 in Warsaw) is a Polish photographer, painter, Indologist, violinist and make up artist. she has lived for a while in Patro but at the time of this exhibition she is somewhere in Central Asia - Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan or maybe Turkmenistan? 
She always loved learning new languages and traveling (she's been to 50 countries and counting), but only after graduating from her studies two years ago she started exploring the world for extended periods of time. 
She spent one year in Indonesia, learned Bahasa Indonesia and traveled all over this crazy country, sleeping in a tent, under the stars or at local people's homes. She hiked and scuba dived, drove a motorbike and hitchhiked, did parachuting for the first time and tried to surf, which wasn't the best idea. 

In her art she focuses on landscapes untouched by people, but sometimes a human element added to the picture, creates the right perspective. 

Check out her facebook fanpage Borkowska Trippin' if you're interested to see more photos and read some travel stories.