Flora Vulgaris
by Lotta Nykänen
15. ágúst
12. sept

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"Flora Vulgaris is a comical research into the relationship between house plants and their owners.

In the comics the plants are seen as nosy, rude, annoying roommates who are hard to keep alive and happy, but also hard to get rid of.

The roles of the plants and owners are also reversed – the plants are the only ones talking, while the owners stay silent. The stories in the comics might seem very familiar to anyone who's ever attempted to keep a plant and failed at it – the topics are largely based on stories from friends and family about their plants. The comics are all hand painted with gouache paints."


Lotta is a young graphic designer and illustrator from Lapland, Finland.

She graduated with a BA in graphic design from the Iceland Academy of the Arts, and will pursue her studies with a master program in graphic design in the fall, in Finland.

"I'm focusing currently into making a second edition of my comic book and I have a few other illustration projects on the table as well.

I consider myself more of an illustrator even though I'm educated in the field of graphic design, but I found that my studies have helped me define my style and concepts more also in illustration. "