Helga Páley Friðþjófsdóttir

We have invited the artist Helga Páley for a 1.5 month residency at HÚSIÐ.

During her stay in Patreksfjörður this fall, she wants to enhance the preliminary work of her practice. Develop a framework, with drawing practices and share it with others with workshops or through other media.

Her workshop for children in Patreksfjörður, in collaboration with Uppbyggingarsjóður Vestfjarða, was set to happen this weekend but due to Covid-19 it will be postponed to 2021.

Helga Páley Friðþjófsdóttir graduated from the Iceland University of the Arts in 2011. After graduation she took part in various projects such as being part of building the theatre The Freezer and direct the art festival Æringur in her hometown Rif.

She has participated in numerous exhibitions over the years and was a member of Kunstschlager gallery in Reykjavík and exhibited with them in various places such as in Culturescapes in Basel and in the Reykjavík art museum in 2015. In her work she explores drawings combined with sculptures and other objects in seeking to expand the barrier of the act.

Helga's webpage