Loji Höskuldsson

We have invited the artist Loji Höskuldsson for a 1,5 month residency at HÚSIÐ.

Currently in Patreksfjörður, Loji is working on new works and trying new stitches 🧵 . Exploring new possibilities in his embroidery.

His workshop, in collaboration with Uppbyggingarsjóður Vestfjarða, was set to happen this weekend but due to Covid-19 it will be postponed to 2021.

Loji Höskuldsson, 1987 Reykjavik, Iceland. Graduated from the Icelandic art academy in 2010.

Loji has played music with various icelandic bands, Sudden Weather Change 2006-2012, Wesen, IBM, Prins Póló, Tilfinningar vina minna and solo under his own name. He has performed at Icelandic Airwaves and Sonar festival Reykjavik as well as touring many European cities over the years.

Loji has written two radio plays Hafið hefur 1000 andlit (2015) and Eftir súpuna sérðu liti hafsins (2010). that were broadcasted live in the reykjavik art museum in 2010 and by the Icelandic National Radio Station (rúv) in 2015.

His visual art primarily explores new and traditional ways of embroidery, a technique he inherited from his mother who is a professional seamstress and embroidery expert. In his embroidery Loji most often depict a sort of still life where everyday objects, plants and fruits are in focus. The subtle poetic situations in our domestic lives are elevated in Loji’s works.

Loji has a great interest in Icelandic modernist architecture specifically building by Sigvaldi Thordarson. Loji has an on going research where he is documenting Thordarson’s works for a future publication, traveling Iceland with a photographer and posting simultaneously on an instagram page that Loji manages.

Loji has also been involved recently in two contemporary dance performances Drop Dead Diet (2015) and A Guide To The Perfect Human (2016), where he has composed music, choreographed and danced.

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